Grade 3 Lesson Plans and Worksheets CAPS South Africa

This online resource is tailored for Grade 3 teachers in South Africa, aligning perfectly with the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). It offers a comprehensive suite of lesson plans and worksheets organized for each of the four terms of the academic year—Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, and Term 4—covering a broad spectrum of subjects:

  • Mathematics Grade 3: Detailed resources that guide students through more complex mathematical concepts such as multiplication, division, and early data handling, in addition to reinforcing foundational arithmetic skills.
  • Life Skills Grade 3: This segment features materials that support the development of personal and social well-being, along with creative expression and physical education. Activities are designed to promote health awareness, cultural appreciation, and emotional intelligence.
  • English FAL Grade 3: Provides engaging lesson plans and worksheets aimed at further developing language skills in English as a First Additional Language. The focus is on enhancing reading comprehension, writing clarity, and effective communication.
  • isiXhosa HL Grade 3: Offers targeted resources to strengthen isiXhosa literacy and communication skills, emphasizing reading, writing, and verbal interaction in isiXhosa as a Home Language.
  • seSotho Grade 3: Dedicated materials to promote literacy and effective communication in seSotho, with a focus on developing comprehensive language skills tailored to the linguistic and cultural context of the learners.

These meticulously crafted resources are designed to be engaging and accessible, ensuring that educators have effective tools at their disposal to provide a structured and stimulating educational experience. They cater to the unique developmental needs of Grade 3 students, fostering an environment that encourages learning and personal growth.