Grade 12 Accounting Project Tasks Case Study for Term 1, 2, 3 and 4 SBA: Memorandum

Grade 12 Accounting Project Tasks and Case Studies for Term 1, 2, and 3 (Task A, B, C and D) SBA: Memorandum: The final Grade 12 mark is calculated from the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination that learners will write (out of 300 marks) plus school-based assessment (out of 100 marks). The curriculum stipulates the following seven formal tasks that comprise school–based assessment in Accounting:

This is for Accounting Grade 12 subject. The Grade 12 Accounting Project Tasks for Term 1, 2, 3 and 4 SBA: Memorandum study content will help you with your Accounting Subject Revisions, Tests, Exams, and Assignments.

Accounting Grade 12 focuses on measuring performance, and processing and communicating financial information about economic sectors. This discipline ensures that principles such as ethical behaviour, transparency and accountability are adhered to. As a Grade 12 Accounting student, you will be dealing with the logical, systematic and accurate selection and recording of financial information and transactions, as well as the compilation, analysis, interpretation and communication of financial statements and managerial reports for use by interested parties.

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Purposes of Accounting Grade 12 Project Tasks

  • The school-based assessment provides a more balanced and trustworthy assessment system, increasing the range and diversity of assessment tasks.
  • The exemplar tasks are aimed at reflecting the depth of the curriculum content appropriate for Grade 12.
  • They reflect the desired cognitive demands as per Bloom’s revised taxonomy: remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating, and creating.
  • School-based assessment improves the validity of assessment by including aspects that cannot be assessed in formal examination settings.
  • It improves the reliability of assessment because judgments will be based on many observations of the learner over an extended period of time.
  • There is a beneficial effect on teaching and learning, not only in relation to the critical analysis and evaluation of Accounting information and creative problem-solving but also on teaching and assessment practices.

Accounting Grade 12 School-based Assessments


Accounting Grade 12 Tasks for Term 1

Task A: Students are required to Report on Companies for 20 marks

Task B: First Term Test: Financial statements of a company

This task includes shares of no par value and repurchase of shares.
This task is suitable for Grade 12 learners from 2014 (CAPS).

Task C: Second Term Project:

Published financial statements of Famous Brands Ltd
This task is suitable for Grade 12 learners from 2014 (CAPS).

Task D Third Term Case Study: Cash budget and debtors

This task is suitable for Grade 12 learners from 2014 (CAPS)

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