Grade 8 Geography Project Term 3 Questions and Answers pdf

Grade 8 Geography Project Term 3 Questions and Answers pdf investigation of a settlement

Project Outline Guide

Step 1: Describe the Settlement and its Land Use

  • Describe the settlement you have chosen, including its various types of land use (residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, etc.).
  • Create a sketch map of this settlement on an A4 size sheet of blank paper. Indicate all the different land use types on the map.
  • Refer to the image below for an example of what a sketch map might look like. Your map should include suitable labels and a map key.

Step 2: Identify Features and Landmarks

  • Identify specific features or landmarks (both natural and human-made) in your chosen settlement.
  • Name these features and mark them on your sketch map.

Step 3: Reasons for Settlement Location

  • Suggest reasons for the location of your chosen settlement.
  • Consider factors like fertile soil, water availability, minerals, job opportunities, transport routes, and trade.

Step 4: Population Changes

  • Write a paragraph explaining whether the population of your settlement has declined or grown in recent years.
  • Discuss the reasons for these changes. This part of the project will require some extended research.

Step 5: Social or Environmental Issue

  • Identify and explain one social OR environmental issue that your settlement faces.
  • Your explanation should include the nature of the issue and suggest a possible solution.
  • Social issues might include living conditions, unemployment, lack of schools, and clinics.
  • Environmental issues could involve pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, and wetland destruction.

Step 6: List of Resources

  • Produce a list of resources you used to gather information about your chosen settlement.
  • Include all sources, such as:
  • Specific websites (Google is a search engine, not a website).
  • Books (include the name and author).
  • News articles.
  • Include a picture of your settlement, which can be from Google Images or taken with your own digital camera or smartphone.

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