isiXhosa HL Grade 6 CAPS Worksheets

Great, here are some isiXhosa HL Grade 6 CAPS worksheets for you to use:

  1. UMSEBENZI 7 Memo – This document includes a memo for the task, providing guidance on how the work should be evaluated or understood. Download UMSEBENZI 7 Memo
  2. Umsebenzi Olungisiweyo – A revised task for Grade 6 isiXhosa, which can be useful for both students and teachers in ensuring that all necessary concepts are covered effectively. Download Umsebenzi Olungisiweyo
  3. INGXOXO (Conversation) – This worksheet is designed to enhance conversational skills in isiXhosa, focusing on dialogue and interaction. Download INGXOXO Worksheet
  4. Ikhathuni (Cartoon) – This creative worksheet uses cartoons to engage students in learning isiXhosa, making the learning process both fun and educational. Download Ikhathuni Worksheet
  5. Ibali Elifutshane (Short Story) – Focused on reading and comprehension, this worksheet helps students improve their understanding through short stories. Download Ibali Elifutshane

These resources are tailored to fit the CAPS curriculum and should be very helpful in enhancing students’ understanding and proficiency in isiXhosa.

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