Mathematics Grade 9 CAPS Worksheets

Here’s a list of Mathematics Grade 9 CAPS worksheets available for download, focusing on algebraic expressions, learner books for both terms, lesson plans, and pace setters to help structure the academic year:

  1. Algebraic Expressions Worksheet – This worksheet focuses on understanding and manipulating algebraic expressions, an essential skill in Grade 9 mathematics. Download Algebraic Expressions Worksheet
  2. Learner Books for Term 1 and Term 2 – Comprehensive guides that cover the full spectrum of the Grade 9 mathematics curriculum, providing both theoretical background and practice exercises. Download Term 1 Learner Book Download Term 2 Learner Book
  3. Term 2 Lesson Plans – These detailed lesson plans are designed to help educators effectively structure their teaching schedule and ensure comprehensive coverage of the curriculum. Download Term 2 Lesson Plans
  4. Pace Setters for Terms – These documents are crucial for planning out the pacing of lessons and assessments throughout the term, ensuring that all necessary material is covered efficiently. Download Term 2 Pace Setter Version 1 Download Term 2 Pace Setter Version 2

These resources are designed to support both teaching and learning in Grade 9 Mathematics, aligning with the CAPS curriculum to ensure that students are well-prepared for their examinations and further studies.

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