Pink Bow Tie Short Story Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers for “Pink Bow Tie” Short Story

Question 1: What type of narrator is used in “Pink Bow Tie”?

Answer: The story is narrated using first-person narration.

Question 2: What causes the speaker to be in trouble with the principal?


  • (a) The speaker is in trouble for commenting on the principal’s bow tie and for “dyeing” his hair.
  • (b) The repeated use of the word “nothing” emphasizes the speaker’s perception of his innocence and the unfairness of the punishment.

Question 3: What figure of speech is used to describe the principal’s bow tie?


  • (a) A simile is used.
  • (b) The simile is appropriate as it conveys the speaker’s disdain for the bow tie and highlights how absurd and noticeable it is, much like a “great pink butterfly attacking his neck.”

Question 4: Is the statement “The speaker is an old learner at the school” true or false?

Answer: False.

  • The speaker is 14 years old and it is only his second day at the school.

Question 5: What is the speaker’s intention when he tries to think of ‘a very impressive answer’?

Answer: He intends to impress the secretary, Miss Newham.

Question 6: Discuss the irony in the speaker describing himself as ‘very nervous’ and ‘very sensitive’.

Answer: The irony lies in the speaker claiming to be nervous and sensitive, yet showing boldness and lack of fear by openly criticizing Mr. Splodge’s bow tie.

Question 7: Describe Mr. Splodge’s character.

Answer: Mr. Splodge is characterized as ill-tempered, not gullible, and curious.

Question 8: Why is ‘Old Splodge’ a suitable nickname for the principal?

Answer: The nickname “Splodge,” which suggests an unpleasant blot, reflects the principal’s nasty and miserable demeanor.

Question 9: How does Splodge react to the speaker’s story?

Answer: Splodge reacts with shock or disgust.

Question 10: What is assumed to happen to Splodge at the end of the story?

Answer: It is implied that Splodge becomes an eighteen-year-old and starts dating Miss Newham.

Question 11: What aspect of Splodge’s character does not change throughout the story?

Answer: Splodge consistently wears a bow tie throughout the story.

Question 12: How is the theme of appearance versus reality presented in the story?

Answer: The theme is evident as the speaker seems to have broken the rules but is innocent, and he appears to be lying but ends up being truthful. The deceptive appearances versus the underlying realities play a central role.

Question 13: Do you agree with the speaker’s final statement, “It is funny though”? Discuss.

Answer: Responses may vary:

  • Yes: It might be funny because the situation is ironic and unusual, with an old principal transforming into a teenager and pursuing a romantic relationship with a younger woman.
  • No: It might not be funny as it involves serious life changes for the principal, suggesting inappropriate or unexpected behavior for his age.

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