What is the Highest Mountain in Gauteng:

The highest mountain in Gauteng is Magaliesberg. This mountain range stretches approximately 120 kilometers from Pretoria through Johannesburg to Rustenburg. The highest point reaches about 1,852 meters above sea level. Magaliesberg is not only significant for its height but also for its geological history and rich biodiversity.


The Magaliesberg mountain range, standing as the highest in Gauteng, is not just prominent for its elevation but also for its remarkable characteristics:

  • Geological Significance: The Magaliesberg range is estimated to be over 2 billion years old, making it one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. This geological age surpasses even that of the Himalayas.
  • Highest Point: The highest peak of this range reaches approximately 1,852 meters above sea level, providing a significant elevation over the surrounding landscapes of Gauteng.
  • Biodiversity: Magaliesberg is known for its rich biodiversity. It is home to numerous species of plants, birds, and animals, some of which are unique to the area. This biodiversity is crucial for ecological studies and conservation efforts.
  • Cultural and Historical Importance: The range has a rich history, with evidence of human habitation dating back to the Stone Age. It has been a site for human settlement and various historical events over thousands of years.
  • Recreational Value: Today, Magaliesberg is a popular destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, bird watching, and rock climbing, attracting tourists and nature enthusiasts from within South Africa and internationally.

These features make Magaliesberg not only the highest point in Gauteng but also a significant natural landmark with extensive cultural, historical, and ecological value.

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