To become a psychologist in South Africa (after grade 12), there are no specific subjects required at the matric level, but certain subjects are highly recommended to better prepare for undergraduate studies in psychology.

  1. General Requirements: While there are no strict subject requirements for studying psychology, having a good foundation in certain subjects can be beneficial. A National Senior Certificate with appropriate subject combinations and achievement ratings is typically required for admission into psychology programs at universities. This includes a minimum of 45% in English and satisfactory performance in other designated subjects​​.
  2. Recommended Subjects:
    • English: A strong command of English is important as psychology involves a lot of reading, writing, and understanding complex concepts.
    • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy: These subjects help develop analytical and problem-solving skills, which are valuable in understanding research methods and statistical analysis in psychology.
    • Life Sciences or Biology: These subjects are advantageous for a career in psychology, as they provide a foundational understanding of the human brain and sensory systems, which are integral to the field of psychology​​​​.
  3. Other Considerations: While the matric subjects are important, admission to psychology programs also depends on the Admission Point Score (APS) and specific university requirements. Each university may have different APS requirements and may place emphasis on different subjects based on their program focus.

In summary, while specific matric subjects are not mandatory for pursuing psychology in South Africa, focusing on English, Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy, and Life Sciences/Biology can provide a strong academic foundation for future studies in psychology. Students should also consider the requirements of the universities they wish to apply to, as these can vary.

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