isiXhosa HL Grade 5 CAPS Worksheets

Here are some isiXhosa HL Grade 5 CAPS worksheets that you can download for educational use:

  1. Umsebenzi Olungisiweyo (Revised Work) – Provides revised activities for Grade 5, helping to reinforce isiXhosa language skills. Download Umsebenzi Olungisiweyo
  2. Inoveli INKABA (Novel INKABA) – A novel study worksheet that could be used to enhance reading comprehension and analysis skills in isiXhosa. Download Inoveli INKABA
  3. Isibhengezo 2 (Announcement 2) – Focuses on creating announcements in isiXhosa, useful for developing writing and communication skills. Download Isibhengezo 2
  4. Isibhengezo (Announcement) – Another version of the announcement worksheet that encourages students to practice writing formal communication in isiXhosa. Download Isibhengezo

These resources are designed to support the teaching of isiXhosa in a structured way, aligning with the CAPS curriculum guidelines.

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