Technology Grade 7 CAPS Worksheets

Here are some Technology Grade 7 CAPS worksheets available for download. These resources can help students review and enhance their understanding of various technology concepts covered in the Grade 7 curriculum:

  1. 00-Technology-Grade-7-Term-3-Revision-Notes-2 – Revision notes for Term 3.
  2. 00-Grade-7-Technology-Revision-notes – General revision notes covering key topics.
  3. Technology-worksheets-Grade-7-9-2 – Worksheets that may cover a range of topics suitable for Grades 7 to 9.
  4. TECHNOLOGY-PACE-SETTERS-Gr-7-9-2 – Pacesetter documents which might include schedules and important concepts for Grades 7 through 9.
  5. TECHNOLOGY-GRADE-7-TERM-2-WORKSHEET – Specific worksheets designed for Term 2.
  6. Technology-2020-GRADE-7-TERM-2-LESSON-PLANS – Detailed lesson plans for teaching Grade 7 Technology in Term 2.

These materials provide a comprehensive approach to studying Technology at the Grade 7 level, aligning with the CAPS curriculum standards in South Africa.

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