Social Science Grade 7 CAPS Worksheets

Here are some Social Science Grade 7 CAPS worksheets available for download. These resources include comprehensive revision notes for history and geography:

  1. History Unit 4 Revision Notes: Detailed notes covering significant topics in the Grade 7 history curriculum. Download History Unit 4 Revision Notes
  2. History Units 1-3 Revision Notes: A compilation of revision notes for the first three units in the history syllabus, providing a thorough overview of early historical concepts and events relevant to Grade 7. Download History Units 1-3 Revision Notes
  3. Geography Worksheets for Term 2: These worksheets focus on the geographical aspects of the Social Sciences curriculum, designed to enhance understanding of geographical data and concepts. Download Geography Worksheets for Term 2

These materials are designed to support teachers and students in reinforcing and assessing understanding of the content covered in the Grade 7 Social Sciences curriculum.

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