Civil Technology Grade 10 Study Notes

Welcome to your Grade 10 Civil Technology resources! Below you will find a collection of study notes to help you with your coursework.

Available Civil Technology Grade 10 Notes in pdf

  1. Joining Specific – Term 3
  2. Steps in Setting Out a Building
  3. Graphics as a Means of Communication – Term 2
  4. Graphics as a Means of Communication – Specific

How to Use These Resources

  1. Review the Notes: Go through the presentations and documents to familiarize yourself with the concepts.
  2. Practice Setting Out a Building: Use the steps provided to understand the practical aspects of setting out a building.
  3. Understand Graphics in Communication: Study the documents on graphics as a means of communication to enhance your understanding of visual representation in civil technology.

These resources are designed to help you excel in your Grade 10 Civil Technology course. Good luck and happy studying!

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