Mathematics Grade 2 CAPS Lesson Plans and Worksheets South Africa

Mathematics Grade 2 CAPS Lesson Plans and Worksheets South Africa

Welcome to the Mathematics Grade 2 CAPS lesson plans and worksheets resource page for South Africa. This page is a comprehensive source of materials that align with the South African school curriculum, providing a range of activities designed to enhance the mathematical understanding and skills of Grade 2 students. The resources available here are crafted to support educators in delivering engaging and effective math lessons that foster a deep understanding of mathematical concepts among young learners.

Mathematics Grade 2 CAPS Lesson Plans and Worksheets

  • Worksheets for 24-28 August 2020: Kick off the school year with these foundational math exercises. Download the worksheets.
  • Lockdown Period Worksheets for 15-19 June 2020: Continue learning during challenging times with these specially designed worksheets. Download the worksheets.
  • Term 3, Week 2 Worksheets: Focus on specific mathematical concepts with trimmed activities planned for quick learning. Download the worksheets.
  • Term 3, Week 3 Worksheets: Extend your mathematical explorations with these advanced worksheets. Download the worksheets.
  • Worksheets for 17-21 August 2020: Review and reinforce math concepts learned earlier in the term. Download the worksheets.

Additional Resources:

  • IsiXhosa Integration for Term 2: Incorporate isiXhosa into your math lessons to enhance bilingual learning. Download the lesson plan.
  • Math Tracker for Term 2: Keep track of your students’ progress through the term. Download the tracker.
  • Various Term Worksheets and Revision Packs: Provide additional practice and revision with a variety of worksheets covering different terms. Download May worksheets, Term 1 revision, and more.

These resources aim to make math lessons engaging and comprehensive, providing teachers with the tools they need to ensure their students succeed in learning key mathematical concepts.

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