What Happens if you Fail 2 Subjects in Matric

Failing two subjects in Matric can be a daunting experience for any student. However, it’s important to understand that this setback is not the end of the educational journey. There are several options and pathways to consider that can help students recover and progress.

What Happens if You Fail 2 Subjects in Matric

To pass Matric, students in South African high schools must pass six out of seven subjects. This includes not failing the Home Language subject. A failing grade is considered between 0% and 29% for most subjects, but for Home Language, a score below 40% is also deemed a failure. So if you fail 2 subjects in grade 12 you will not pass.​​.

If you fail two or more subjects, you will not pass Matric.

If you fail two or more subjects in grade 12, you will not pass Matric, but options are available to improve your situation. These include:

  1. Matric Rewrite/Upgrade Course: Students who have failed 2 subjects in grade 12 can apply for a Matric rewrite or upgrade course. This allows them to retake examinations for the subjects they failed or wish to improve in​​.
  2. Recheck or Remark of Papers: If a student believes their marks are incorrect, they have the option to get their papers rechecked or remarked. This process is primarily for confirming that the initial marking was accurate and seldom leads to significant mark improvements​​.
  3. Supplementary Exams: The Supplementary exam, also known as the Second Chance Programme, enables students who failed 2 or more subjects in grade 12 to retake failed subjects and improve their marks​​.
  4. Alternative Educational Paths: For those who do not wish to retake Matric exams after failing 2 subjects in grade 12, exploring alternative educational paths without a Matric certificate is an option. This could include vocational training, internships, or entry-level employment opportunities in sectors that do not require a Matric certificate​​.
  5. Repeating the Year: Some students may choose to repeat the Matric year to improve their grades and understanding of the subjects.
  6. Seeking Academic Support: Engaging in tutoring, joining study groups, or seeking other forms of academic support can be crucial in preparing for retaking exams.
  7. Reevaluating Future Goals: Sometimes, failing Matric can be an opportunity to reassess one’s academic and career goals. This could lead to discovering new interests or pathways that align more closely with the student’s strengths and aspirations​​.

Reasons Why Students Fail 2 Subjects in Matric

Students failing two or more subjects in Grade 12 can be attributed to a variety of factors, each playing a significant role in academic performance. Understanding why students fail 2 subjects in Grade 12 is crucial for educators, parents, and the students themselves.

  1. Lack of Preparation and Study Skills: A primary reason why students fail 2 subjects in Grade 12 is inadequate preparation. As academic demands intensify in Grade 12, students may struggle with the increased workload and higher expectations. Their study habits, if not evolved from earlier grades, might not be effective enough to handle complex subjects.
  2. Poor Time Management: Students in Grade 12 often have multiple responsibilities, including extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, and college applications. If they do not manage their time efficiently, they might not allocate enough time for studying, leading to poor performance in two or more subjects.
  3. Lack of Understanding of Subject Matter: Some students may find specific subjects particularly challenging. If they do not grasp foundational concepts early on, their struggles can compound over time, leading to failure in those subjects.
  4. Emotional and Mental Health Issues: The stress and pressure of Grade 12 can be overwhelming. Students dealing with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues might find it hard to concentrate and perform well academically, leading to failures in two or more subjects.
  5. External Factors: Family issues, socio-economic challenges, or health problems can significantly impact a student’s ability to focus and perform in school. These factors can contribute to why students fail 2 subjects in Grade 12 or more.
  6. Lack of Motivation or Interest: Sometimes, students may not be interested in certain subjects or find them irrelevant to their future goals. This lack of interest can result in lower engagement and effort, contributing to failures in those subjects.
  7. Teaching Methods and School Environment: The teaching approach and the school environment also play a crucial role. If the teaching methods do not align with a student’s learning style or if the environment is not conducive to learning, students might struggle, leading to failing 2 subjects in Grade 12.

Addressing these issues requires a multifaceted approach, including support from teachers, parents, and counselors, to help students overcome the challenges and succeed in their Grade 12 subjects.

Failing two subjects in Matric is undoubtedly challenging, but it is not an insurmountable obstacle. With various options available, students can find a way to overcome this hurdle. Whether it’s through rewriting exams, seeking alternative educational routes, or reassessing future goals, there are ways to move forward positively. It’s crucial for students to remember that this setback does not define their future and that there are always opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed.

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