Will i be able to apply to a university with bad grade 11 marks and good grade 12 marks?

Yes, you can apply to university with poor Grade 11 marks if you have good Grade 12 marks. Universities primarily consider your final Grade 12 results for admission.

Applying to university with poor Grade 11 marks but good Grade 12 marks is possible, but it depends on several factors:

  1. University Admission Requirements: Universities often consider your final Grade 12 results as the primary criterion for admission. If your Grade 12 marks are strong, they can positively impact your application.
  2. Early Applications: Some universities might consider Grade 11 marks for early applications. However, you can usually update your application with final Grade 12 marks.
  3. Course and University Popularity: For highly competitive courses or universities, earlier academic performance (including Grade 11 marks) might have more weight.
  4. Holistic Assessment: Some universities conduct a holistic assessment, considering extracurricular activities, personal statements, or entrance tests, which can offset lower Grade 11 marks.

In summary, while good Grade 12 marks can significantly enhance your university application, it’s important to check the specific admission requirements of the universities and courses you are interested in.

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